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It's Valentine's Day! You're engaged....so now what?

Google Valentine's Dayand you find a myriad of statistics from different sources (some reliable somenot-so-much) regarding the number of engagements entered into on this romanticgesture filled day each year. The statistics that I've found range from 10%of all couples get engaged on Valentine's Day to an American Expresssurvey estimating that 2 million couples will get engagedtoday, February 14, 2013. What do these numbers mean to me? From a personal perspective,I am sure I will be extending congratulations to at least one happy couple inthe next few days. From a professional standpoint, I reflect on the importanceof a prenuptial agreement. I am not a pessimist. I am a realist .As a familylaw attorney, it is always unnerving to me how many individuals sit in myoffice contemplating divorce (usually without a prenuptial agreement) without theslightest idea of the assets they could have protected with a prenuptial agreementor with just a little bit pre-marital planning/advice (for those who are 100%anti-prenup). Before you discount the idea of a prenuptial or premaritalplanning, ask yourself the following questions: What is separate property? Howdo I avoid comingling my separate property? What happens to debts that myspouse incurs during the marriage in his/her name only without my knowledge?Lastly, if you think depositing your earnings into a separate account (vs.joint account) during the marriage protects them, you are wrong. The answers tothese questions and others can be overwhelming and frightening if you waituntil divorce is contemplated to become informed.

Discounted Parenting Course

Due to the overwhelming appreciation of participants from the discounted classes in January, Putting Kids First has decided to extend the discount through February, to continue to help parents meet the requirement for a court ordered co-parenting class. Continuing through the month of February 2013, for participants that call to register for a class, they will be given a $20.00 discount. That will reduce the online class from $60.00 to $40.00. This January-February 2013 savings is only available for participants that register over the phone, not by mail or online. So please help us pass this saving on to your clients. Have them call and register for the co-parenting class at 888-777-2298.

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